MiiN Korean Cosmetics

MiiN Korean Cosmetics

Pau Claris, 110 Barcelona


Adorable and Effective K-beauty

For Lilin Yang, the Tawainese founder of international Korean cosmetics line Miin, it’s all about the packaging and the brand. Lilian wrapped South Korea’s best offerings in customizable, cute pink packages and bundles product based upon your skin type, needs (i.e. travel), or beauty addiction (hello sheet masks). She even sells a boxed collection of six animal-designed face masks that prove irresistible whether you’re a practical mom or girls at a sleepover party.

Most popular product: Pink Blur Hydrogel Eye Patch from G9 Skin, 29.99 euros for 100g.

To try: Mochi BB Cushion compact for the busy lady. SPF 40, mattifying effect and redness-covering, adaptable apricot-beige color, all in an adorable package (of course). 36€ for 15g.

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