The Living Food

The Living Food

Carrer Viladomat, 85 Barcelona


Bio Vegan Food

Bio-vegan grocer, The Living Food, offers a wide selection of  locally grown, cruelty free, and GMO free products. They sell vegan artisan cheeses, superfoods, bio cosmetics, supplements, raw foods, and gluten free products. The Living Food holds a variety of certifications, including European Organic, Vegan, Cruelty Free, and Gluten Free.

The bright and airy store in the Eixample neighborhood also showcases fermented products, along with a careful selection of clean cosmetics, supplements, and anti-aging products. Finally, customers can expect personal attention by way of workshops offered by specialists in various fields. Follow The Living Food’s blog to stay updated on topics such as kimchi, animal cruelty free initiatives, gluten free products, and sustainable living.

Living Food  

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 10-14 & 16-20 Saturday 10-14

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