Factory 236

Factory 236

Corsega 236, Bajo 3ª Interior Barcelona


 Star Beauty Treatment

Factory 236 Beauty Concept BCN believes that hospitality is the key to their success. The services are offered in a multi-functional space where clients can enjoy exclusive hairdressing services, check out different ways of creative living and design, plus art exhibitions in The Art Wall. The Factory 236 Fashion Station showcases fashion designs, creative collaborations, and product launches. Masterclasses and workshops are also available for both industry professionals and clients.

Factory 236 prides itself on its exclusive and international clientele. Renowned athletes, models and society members of the city, have passed through this versatile space. The staff consists of a carefully selected team of professional hairdressers. Each team member shares similar professional values that fit with the Factory 236 philosophy and all have a passion for customer service. The latest and best hair techniques in color and styling are available, plus traditional salon services such as makeup, hair treatments, manicures and pedicures. Factory 236 looks for high quality products because the health of their client’s hair is a top priority.

Entrance to Factory 236 for star beauty treatments

Star beauty treatments in modern salon space

About Meagan Bellovin

Meagan arrived in Barcelona in 2019, having left behind a full life of family, friends, and career in Austin, Texas. Originally educated as a journalist, Meagan taught children in her local public school system for nearly ten years before moving to Barcelona with her husband and dog. Since her arrival, she has embraced local living, taking Spanish classes, making new friends, and rediscovering her journalism past by writing for The Barcelona Edit.

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Tuesday-Friday 9:30-20:30 Saturday 10:00-18:00

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