Royal Oak Hair Salon

Royal Oak Hair Salon

Carrer d'en Monéc, 23 Barcelona


Hair Expression at Royal Oak

Your hair is a reflection of your creative spirit. Whatever your jam is, your hair should be able to reflect it. Hair is not an afterthought, but rather as important an expression of your personality as what you wear, or what music you listen to; but that doesn’t mean it should be a pain to maintain. Giving you easy-to-maintain hair that fully expresses your creativity and sense of style is at the core of Royal Oak’s philosophy and service. They strive to give clients what will work best for their unique hair and style – and something that is also totally achievable at home between salon sessions.



Royal Oak Salon

About Meagan Bellovin

Meagan arrived in Barcelona in 2019, having left behind a full life of family, friends, and career in Austin, Texas. Originally educated as a journalist, Meagan taught children in her local public school system for nearly ten years before moving to Barcelona with her husband and dog. Since her arrival, she has embraced local living, taking Spanish classes, making new friends, and rediscovering her journalism past by writing for The Barcelona Edit.

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Monday, Wednesday-Friday 10:00-20:00 Saturday 10:00-18:00

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