Boston Bagels

Boston Bagels

Carrer de Mandri, 3 Barcelona


An authentic New York style bagel in Barcelona is a prized treasure. Fortunately, Boston Bagels delivers them right to your door. While bagel-shaped breads or croissants can be found around town, a true, chewy-on-the-inside-crispy-on-the-outside bagel reminiscent of the ones that Jewish immigrants from Poland introduced in New York City is a rarity in Barcelona. Boston Bagels comes close, offering up a wide selection of bagels in traditional flavors, including sesame, poppy seed, plain, and onion.

Of course, this being Barcelona, lox and a schmear of cream cheese (aka “Philadelphia” as the Catalans call it) are readily available at the nearest grocery.

Place your orders via WhatsApp by Thursday afternoon to have them delivered to your door every other Saturday morning — just in time for a lazy weekend breakfast. Boston Bagels is a virtual store.


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